Archana Kapoor

Banker turned Blogger, INSEAD Alumnus; life manifested in its complete liveliness is Archana. Looking at every aspect of life with a twinkle in her eye, she then garnishes things around her with something special. Check out for yourself in her amazing writing.

Desh Kapoor

The panache of a writer is proven by the creative pen he uses to transform the most mundane topic into a thrilling story. Desh - the author, critic and analyst uses the power of his pen to create thought-provoking pieces from ordinary topics of discussion. He writes on myriad interesting themes. Read the articles to know more about this charismatic writer.

Abhinav Pandya

Abhinav has a Masters degree in Public Policy from Cornell University and has a specialization in international development studies. He writes on political, diplomatic, security, religious fundamentalism, Islam, Hinduism and Indo-Pak issues.

Siddharth Chaurasia

A Chess enthusiast and an amateur astronomer, Siddharth is a charming young man who loves calling himself a self-proclaimed geo-political analyst. A finance whiz-kid, he has played Chess with Vishwanathan Anand and Chess has been his muse ever since he laid eyes on the black and white board!

Amit Chaurasia

Arrogant yet flirtatious. Confused yet intelligent. Indifferent yet caring. Fiercely argumentative. Loves to ride, be it bikes or horses. A nationalist who believes in Yog, Vedant, Bharat/India. Yearns to break free. Wading through Amit's thoughts will be worth your time. He guarantees money-back, but of course he decides the denomination.

Swati Vivek

A lawyer by profession, an avid gardener, yoga enthusiast, aloof yet involved, Swati is a spiritually intuitive feisty mother of two beautiful daughters who keep her on her toes all the time.

Sharda Kore

Busy, fulfilled, happy and often maniac, mother of 2, wife and a part time language specialist. Just a few things about me, I like reading, travelling, cooking and baking!!! Often juggling between motherhood and all it's well documented joys and work which is a reflection of who I am! I'm lucky to have the best of both the worlds.

Aditya Mankad

Aditya is an engineer working in Bangalore. He has been blogging since 2013 and has written over 70 poems. He recently got his work published in Micro Tales (the book).

Anjali Mishra

Twinkle in the eye
Way away from shy!
Love life and it will love you back
Is the motto she continues to crack

Saman Khan

A dreamer, wanderer and wannabe chef! Saman is an Industrial Psychologist by choice and a writer by chance. She loves to indulge in global culinary escapades and writes about her experiences. She draws inspiration from the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver. By the way, she does a fair bit of HR Consulting as well ;-)

Smietaa R Bhandari

Smietaa R Bhandari is a Writer, Editor and Mentor. Voracious reader and a sky gazer! Loves Mumbai - The electrifying city!

Uttpal Krushna

A foodie and a food blogger, popularly known as UK among friends, Uttpal loves creating new ways for people to enjoy simple ingredients. His recipes are fresh, fun and unique, and simply tasty. If you're looking for a new way to enjoy beets or meats, you know who to contact. He also loves Food Photography and Recipe Development.

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