The Disenchanted Scribbler

“Well, I'm disenchanted, too. We're all disenchanted." - James Thurber, The Thurber Carnival
Written by Archana Kapoor


Dejected, he decided to visit his favorite restaurant.

He wanted to keep it a secret hence he decided to wriggle out, quickly pulling his jacket so as not to freeze in the cold outside.

The snow had turned the whole place into a pristine white blanket; oh, so beautiful!

His feet were tired but he made up his mind not to recede, because that was not who he was.

As he reached and sat down, he took out his pencil and paper to scrawl his feelings in black and white; for that was the only hope for his disillusioned mind!

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Shared with: A prompt each day – Wordle – for the words: dejected, secret, restaurant, wriggle, recede, tired, scrawl, disillusioned, pristine, freeze.

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About the author

Archana Kapoor

Banker turned Blogger, INSEAD Alumnus; life manifested in its complete liveliness is Archana. Looking at every aspect of life with a twinkle in her eye, she then garnishes things around her with something special. Check out for yourself in her amazing writing.

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